Handford Stables and Livery

Come and enjoy your horse at Llwyn Milwas. Relaxed and friendly yard. All abilities welcome. We have excellent facilities to keep your horse fit and happy whether you’re a happy hacker or compete to a high level.


Set in the tranquil lane between Rhiwsaeson and Groesfaen, the Handford Stables and Livery at Llwyn Milwas offers over 125 acres of purpose built facilities and grounds for you and your horse to enjoy.


Whether you have been riding for only a short period of time or have years of experience, we have the right facilities and riding terrain for you. Come and visit us for a tour of our stables, grounds and current residents.

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Our Facilities and Equipment

Specialty Services, Facilities and Equipment Includes:

Floodlit Lunging Pen with Specialist Surface

We are very lucky to have a 20 meter circled lunging pen. It has a specialist surface which enables the horse to work correctly without the worry of slipping or sliding. As it is a complete circle it encourages the horse to work properly. Difficult horses cannot run off as they can do in a ménage or open field. Ground work can have an amazing effect on the attitude of a horse. When a horse begins to relax, his attention will be on you. He will have an ear and an eye toward you. You can then work on up and down transitions ie going from walk to trot and back again. This is an excellent exercise when you want to work with your horse but don’t have time to ride. It is also beneficial in building a strong relationship with your horse. It can be used in the evening/early morning as it is floodlit.

Floodlit Specialist Wax Surface Menage

Our large ménage has a specialist wax surface. The surface is recommended for International events, Racecourses, Training Tracks Professional Show Jumping, Dressage etc. This surface has a greater elasticity than other surface materials and by the incorporation of track memory it rapidly regains its original shape after hoof penetration so guaranteeing total consistency. It is wonderful to ride on. The wax helps to make the surface spongy and so eliminates any stress on legs. Horses move considerably better on this surface and are more relaxed. We have found that the horses gain confidence when jumping. We have a full set of jumps which are available to use. The ménage has flood lights for use at night/early morning.

Large Covered Monarch Horse Walker with Rubber Floor and Lights

The Monarch Horse walker we couldn’t live without. The benefits of using the horse walker are enormous. You will quickly see the benefits of using the exerciser with young horses or horses under rehabilitation after injury, by helping to build muscle and strength without interference from the rider. Using the exerciser to warm up muscles prior to work and again during the cooling down stage will help prevent injuries. It is useful to settle a boisterous youngster to get the zing out of a fresh horse before being ridden.  The walker has a 6ft high inner fence lined to 4ft with reinforced rubber and in addition the 7ft 6ins high outer fence is also lined to 4ft with the top sections in mesh giving a clear view across the exerciser. It has assisted braking, electrified pushers and electronic control box with automatic reverse. Which means that if you are short of time,  you can put your horse on the walker for example 40 minutes and choose the speed then press start. The walker will go for 20 mins in one direction, then slow down to a stop, the horses will turn around on their own and the walker will then start in the other direction for the remaining 20 mins. This will leave you free to muck out and prepare stable while it is being exercised. The walker has brick rubber flooring and is covered with a poly carbonate roof. It also has lights so can be used in evening/early morning.

Large Kylix Horse Solarium

The Kylix state of the art solarium is very beneficial for horses that have a sore back. It increases the blood supply to the area and aids recovery. It is also useful to dry horses off after a bath and a luxury spa treatment. Built to the highest specification with a heat resistant, coloured ABS polypropylene reinforced body. Front is raised to allow free movement of the horses neck and features rounded edges to avoid injury. Combination of 18 IR lamps of varying wattage and 4 air circulators ensure even and pleasant temperature over your horse. The lamps are mounted into aluminium back boxes set into the main body avoiding your horse making contact with the hot lamps.

Purpose Built Hot Wash

The hot wash is a wonderful addition to our facilities. It is difficult to justify washing a horse in the cold winter months even if you are going to a show. However having a purpose built room where the doors can be closed to stop any cold draughts and warm ambient water certainly makes life easier for owner and horse. Horses are comfortable and safe while being shampooed and conditioned. There is double lighting in the wash room so is excellent for clipping to get those lines straight!

Hot and Cold Water and Toilet Facility

Onsite toliet facilities are available for customer use.

Recuperation Paddock

Diy or Assisted Livery to Custom Suit Your Specific Needs

All Year Turnout

125 acres

Off Road Riding in Summer

24 Hour Supervision

Hay - haylage Included


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